Is it improper to text a girl to invite her to prom?

Question by King Mark I: Is it improper to text a girl to invite her to prom?
I know there are better ways to ask, but couldn’t a simple text work as well?

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Answer by me
No, a text isn’t a good idea. It just seems like your insecure (girls like confident guys), that you’re unsure (again, CONFIDENCE) or that you’re not very interested (eh, you get the idea).

Face to Face.

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14 thoughts on “Is it improper to text a girl to invite her to prom?”

  1. You should definately call her or text her. Either way, if you get accepted ir rejected, it is experience for the next try. Good Luck!

  2. prom is wayy to important to a girl for u to ask her over a text..i mean for all she knows, you could be joking or your friends could be playing a prank on her…i dnt think she would be very happy with you if u texted her….do it in person…i think u will both feel better

  3. Face to face would be best how-ever as you have her number you could simply call her, it’s got to be better than a text.

  4. no no no

    that is not formal at all, and it means a lot to get asked to prom if you are a girl..

    you should do it in person, and be sweet 🙂

  5. If you want to make her melt then ask her in person. It will mean a lot more to her. A text would work, but personally I would think you are an a** for doing that (if I were your date). It’s similar to asking a girl to be your girlfriend through a text….immature.

  6. no
    dont you dare
    i’m a jr. and if someone asked me over text message i would say no..
    I mean what if they are joking?
    you need to see/hear the guy ask you, to know he aint just playing..

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