Is it common for a girl to just stop texting rather than saying goodbye?

Question by Jo: Is it common for a girl to just stop texting rather than saying goodbye?
So i was texting a girl for a couple of hours last night and all of a sudden she just stopped responding. I left it alone and went to bed and she finally responded to my question the next morning (almost 12 hours later) and she said the reason she didn’t text back was because she went to bed. Is this common for a girl to do and why would she do it?
also what does it mean if anything?

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Answer by smile.
yeah i do that.

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7 thoughts on “Is it common for a girl to just stop texting rather than saying goodbye?”

  1. My ex did this to me all the time. She probably fell asleep and doesnt think it was rude and didnt appologise :S

  2. It is common unfortunately. It is also really rude. You can either get used to it or speak up about it. I try to get used to it, but if it gets really irritating, I bluntly point it out. On the other hand, she might have not known how to answer your question and needed to sleep on it.

  3. Yes, maybe she really did fall asleep or was busy, you cant expect people to talk to you 24/7 we all have lives and stuff going on. With anyone I usually don’t txt bye often its not a phone call afterall or a letter we can send messages in less than a minute so why say goodbye?

  4. Yep , its common for us girls to do . And she might do it…

    well because, i do it too.

    I intend to test whether he really cares if I don’t respond. I err. test them . if they don’t i leave them hanging . i know stupid .. but i just do it because i wanna know if they care to text me (;

  5. JO! May I call you Jo? A few things for you to consider.
    1. Just how late was it last night?
    2. Was she texting from her bedroom?
    3. Was she in a vertical or horizontal position?
    Now take all of those factors into consideration and ask yourself:
    A> Did it take 12 hours to come up with an answer for your difficult question?
    B> Did you bore her…to death? No. The point is, if she fell asleep and finally answered your question.
    What is the real problem? Sure it was rude but maybe she was just sleep deprived.

    There is a saying: When you hear hoofbeats coming, don’t look for Zebras.
    To explain that: If there is a stampede and you hear hoofbeats, it’s probably horses, or cattle but could it be… (and while you are considering the least likely possibilities, you are trampled by a herd of…well, it doesn’t matter now does it, you are definitely trampled. The simplest explanation is the most likely one, it sounds like horses, it’s probably horses…

    Jo. Don’t over think things that have a simple explanation, sure you may have been offended,
    why did it happen? Does it matter? You are still texting with her, that is the important thing! Right? ( :

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