Is it bad to text a girl every 4 or 5 days?

Question by Christina Garcia: Is it bad to text a girl every 4 or 5 days?
If I text a girl every 4 or 5 days does that show lack of interest? I am very interested in her but how often is good to text her? Every two or 3 days? I freaking adore this chick but than I don’t want to bug Help me!

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Answer by felicita
How often do you see her?? it depends if you dont see her for couple weeks than 4-5 days may be too long… if you see her often somewhere then it should be fine

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6 thoughts on “Is it bad to text a girl every 4 or 5 days?”

  1. Honey, we’re girls, and if you understand her personality than it’s obvious. When someone likes me, and I share that feeling, I want them to talk to me all the time. I can never shut up. Maybe she’s the same way. Test the waters, waiting to long will get her to think your flaky.

  2. LoL you can text her every day as long as she seems interested to talk back. Don’t worry so much. From how much you adore her im sure she’d be more than happy to get a text from you. She might even be wondering the same thing about you 🙂

  3. Call her. Texting can ruin a reltionship. Been there done that! You can text but dont do EVERYTHING over text. Face to face is the best way to go OR AT LEAST a phone call! Txting makes words lose their meaning to me!

  4. Nor at all, if anything that shows you really like this girl. One of my bestfriends texts me when she has time, and usually that’s like everyother 2 days! Good luck dude!

  5. Well if it were me, five days is a long time. I’d obviously think that you weren’t interested in me or you have better things to do than talk to me. So I think you should text her maybe every two days or so. Just my opinion.

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