Is it bad thing to text a girl first?

Question by chris: Is it bad thing to text a girl first?
I have been talking to this girl for over a month now. 3 dates, we spent new years with her and her family introduced me go her son all in a month. She cancelled a date on me once and we haven’t had a full conversion in a little over 3 days. Now is it always a bad thing to her first? She has text me first on two occasions but it’s been awhile since then. What do you guys think?

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Answer by Harrison
Oooh bad sign bro. Technically when girls cancel plans and when they stop texting you, things are looking bleak in your relationship.
Look, the only real way to find out is to ask her, either by text or in person.
Good luck~

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4 thoughts on “Is it bad thing to text a girl first?”

  1. Don’t text her (bad idea) CALL HER! It’s much better to talk to the girl then to text something that might not mean anything. As I girl myself I would prefer a phone call.

  2. No go for it. if she doesnt want it she will say. BUT DONT BE A MORON and like do 20000 texts some young guys are just plain stupid about that..

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