Is a guy texting multiple girls a turn off?

Question by grant l: Is a guy texting multiple girls a turn off?
I like this girl at my school but I also text some others and she sees me do this. I text the girl thats from my school a couple times a week but sometimes I think it makes her mad when she sees me doing it. She often then flips out her phone to act like she is also texting someone. She also is always trying to go through my phone.
I am pretty sure she doesn’t want to date or go in that direction but if she was I would happily not text anyone else(: Shes a sophomore. I am a junior.

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Answer by love lovve peace and life1
she is jealooooouuuuuss
would you care if a girl you didnt like texted a guy?
i think you should just ask her why is she bothered by it
and then youll see

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  1. oooo. this one is a toughy. well its kind of a turn off for two reasons: 1.)she’s intimidated by the other girls and jealous 2.) she might think your a player. you should ask her if it upsets her eventually if you want to go out with her. thats your best option. but first find out if she’s interested before you do anything

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