Im shy when it comes to talking to girls. How I can make a new friend, possibly find a girlfriend?

Question by SlumDogg: Im shy when it comes to talking to girls. How I can make a new friend, possibly find a girlfriend?
I’m 19 and in my second year of university, yes I have friends that are girls, but none of which i would date. When i say I’m shy, i mean i cant talk to girls that i am attracted to.
Preferably would like a women’s perspective.

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What you said is pretty much me. I gotta find out what other people say.

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4 thoughts on “Im shy when it comes to talking to girls. How I can make a new friend, possibly find a girlfriend?”

  1. That’s adorable. I wish I knew guys like this (i’m in college too). anyways, I think typically any girl would think this is so cute. i’m pretty outgoing, and shy guys are my type–you have that “intellectual edge” to you cause you observe rather than partake. you’re just goin to have to masque your attraction to the girls that you’re into so that it isn’t as big of a deal as you imagine it to be. it’s ok to be shy, but if it’s preventing you from initiating conversation with a girl you feel somethin for, you have to get out of your comfort zone just a little bit. maybe the next girl you are attracted to, for instance if she’s in your class, you could make conversation about the class, or anythin that naturally comes to you that you’d say to any person in that situation. and sometimes, if you approach a really pretty girl like it’s no big deal, she might be taken aback since you’re not droolin over her like she’s used to!

  2. It’s all about having fun, the likely hood is that ur too nervous or trying to hard. You can get her to like u by just having fun and forgetting about focussing on the prize (her). If u really really want to have her as a girlfriend and u don’t feel like you can just try to entertain and have fun, which is dumb because if urn ot having fun ur doing it for the wrong reasons… Anyways what im trying to say is have fun with it, she’ll come later. You can always just be friendly and nice and see what happens.

    P.S. most girls love compliments even tho u think it is a little intimidating to just offer a compliment at the begining

  3. Here is another woman’s perspective: woman have to have some sort of hint (even if minor) that you are attracted to them in some way, shape or form before they will become aware of it. If you are attracted to someone try and build up the courage to walk by them (even quickly!) and give a little smile or some small gesture that makes them understand that you have noticed them. Girls are very intuitive so even a small gesture will do it. Maybe the first time you just make eye contact and give a subtle smile, then the next time you walk by still as fast but you say “hi” but I think the eye contact and the subtle smile is a good way to build courage. Then you can ask a question about a class or a teacher or a mutual classmate and just slowly build the comfort level for yourself. Once a girl knows you are trying , if she likes you she will also take a few steps in her own way and naturally/organically a conversation will start. Unless she is more shy than you, then you will notice this and in order to want to make her feel more at ease you will probably say a bit more once you get the signal that she wants you to. It’s important to be patient, take it slow and just be very observant of her so you can adapt. You will do awesome I’m sure!

  4. Women are just guys with softer skin, more sensitivity, an attitude, and of course a little different anatomy. There is no shame in being rejected. Everyone on this earth has been rejected, including the most famous and wealthiest people you can think of. It is all about how you handle it. You can get embarrassed and say nasty things , cry, or show that you are upset, or you can casually accept it similar to this, “Okay, just thought you might enjoy going.” and walk away as if it really did not matter to you anyway. Asking a girl out is not a life altering experience. It is just one more step into maturity.

    Here is a little secret to help you. find out what her interests are and try to learn some things about it to keep a nice conversation going, or to start one with. also, if you know she likes to do certain things, try to set up a date that includes something she enjoys, like a certain band, a movie she has been wanting to see, etc… Also, you can always try that line, “We are going _____, Saturday night. If you want, you can come hang out with us.” That is not a date, but it does give you the opportunity to gain her attention and trust for a date the following Saturday night, if you have prepared yourself properly with ready plans to ask her out.

    Dating is about preparation, timing, and execution of your plans. It sounds complicated, but once you have done it a few times, you will gain your confidence and it will be easy.

    The difference between success and failure is how many times you are willing to keep trying. Don’t give up.

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