If a girl never texts me first, is she most likely not interested?

Question by Myles: If a girl never texts me first, is she most likely not interested?
I’ve had some really interesting text conversations, and we both flirt back and forth. One thing I noticed is that I’m always the one to text her first. Once I do text her, it’s really interesting. Is she not interested in me? Does she not want to seem ‘eager’? Please help!
It’s winter break, and she’s in the bahamas so we can’t really meet up anywhere anytime soon.

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Answer by Rihanna
Yes. She thinks you’re a waste of her time.

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  1. I think she just prefers to be chased than do the chasing. She wouldn’t talk to you at all if she weren’t interested. If you really like this girl though, you need to get off the phone and spend time together in real life.

  2. a quote that goes through some girls’ heads are “if he really likes me, then he should text me first”.
    if she wasn’t interested then she wouldn’t be flirting with you. she just wants to make sure that you are still interested in HER.
    idk if this helps… but hope you find out your answer!

  3. I’ve been there man. I am exactly like you, just like to add that. Anyways girls only text us guys back after we text them is because they feel empathy. That’s why the text is so slow. Or it could just be a family thing.

  4. Coming from a girls point of view; we usually wait for the guys to text us first, because we think we’re bothering the guy if we text them first. It all depends on what you say to the girl though. Girls like to have rather intresting convos, not boring & dull ones.

  5. Not always the case. Girls mostly enjoy getting the text first, though. It lets them know the boy is interested. If you both get along and flirt, then she may be interested. Asking her could always be a benefit 🙂

  6. I NEVER text my boyfriend first. I don’t know why, i just don’t. Its kind of nice to know he’s thinking of me, maybe that’s why.

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