Ideas for what to text my girlfriend ?

Question by : Ideas for what to text my girlfriend ?
I text my girl everyday but our conversations are really boring, mainly because she doesn’t text with much info and she always sounds kinda bored. I try to keep up a conversation but she answers with realy short words like yaa and ikr and such. I need topics girls like to talk about, or tips on hoe to get her to be involved more in the conversation. thanks !

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Answer by Dr. Vader
Talk about how boring she is, the break up with her.

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  1. Everyone is different. I’ve known girls who are into fashion & celebrities, sports & fitness, advancements in biomedical sciences, and everything else under the sun. Talk about things that she likes, but try to also make is something you like. You know how when you’re with your friends and you’re talking about something you both enjoy, and the conversation simply goes on, and on, and on, and on? The reason why that happens is because youre both talking about something you’re BOTH passionate about. You need to find those common grounds with your girlfriend. There’s no ‘textbook’ method to making an interesting conversation happen, so just keep trying until you do find that common interest.

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