I suck at texting girls?

Question by Jack: I suck at texting girls?
I like to think I’m pretty good with girls in person, I can start conversations and land numbers and stuff with girls, but everything always falls apart when I text them. I’d rather just call them or be direct and ask them on a date, but I feel like a lot of girls nowadays aren’t into that.

Anyways, any basic tips for texting girls? It’s starting to get frustrating and I could use the advice.

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Answer by SJV
Well don’t take forever to reply first of all.. that’s really annoying. Also use emojis.. that’s nice. And have a point to the conversation like don’t just ask whats up 7 times in a conversation.

Best of luck (:x
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  1. If you are just trying to get to know them then ask them about themselves and bring up things you remember them saying/doing before. If you're trying to get dirty tell them that they looked good today and go from there based on their response.

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