I need some good conversation starters, help?

Question by feels like a hot stove….: I need some good conversation starters, help?
I just need some good text message conversation topics for a girl who is awesome at tennis, not very shy, but enough to make her interesting, and I suck at choosing topics. Anyone help a brotha’ out?

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Answer by Nat
What do you have in common with her? If she’s in the same class or works at the same place as you, talk about that

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  1. rainy day: hey the whether is so awful today isn’t it
    normal: how was your weekend?
    normal: hey how are you
    normal small talk : is your sister/brother/mother/father OK?

  2. Here is a thought…you obviously want to have a conversation with this girl. Do you know what a conversation is? It is when you actually SPEAK to someone.

    How about next time you see her, put a big smile on your face and say “How you doing?!”

    Forget the texting BS. People spend hours a day behind a little screen. Do you realize there is a real human on the other end? Then SPEAK to that human!

    Having good conversation skills is one way to be successful in your career, in school, and with the opposite sex. Here is a tip: no one ever got hired for a job or won a political office because they were the best in text conversations.

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