I need help talking to girls?

Question by : I need help talking to girls?
I need some help meeting girls. I go to an all boys school and im clueless when it comes to talking to girls i dont know. How should I approach them or what should i say? Im not the best in the looks department so any help would be great

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Answer by Tippytoe396
Oh, Jeez. We’re not that scary! Just come up and talk to us!

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  1. pick a girl, just find a reason to talk to her, be nice to her. compliment her (not alll the time to were its too much) just flirt alot that about it(: goood luckk!(:

  2. hey man, Confidence is key. but, always be who you are!
    you wanna make some girl friends before you get a girlfriend. Good Luck!

  3. Relax and try to be yourself. I know it is not easy, but try. It is normal to talk about small things first like weather, sport, school, favourite subject, music, holiday, movies, things you like etc. It is easier to talk about things you know something about, right? Imagine that the girl is probably just as nervous as you.
    Secret tip (do not tell anyone else :-): Maybe practice talking to a girl you are not so much into. Do that whenever you get a chance. So you can get some practice before talking to your “dream girl”. 🙂

    Good luck to you!

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