I cant talk to girls i like! HELP!?

Question by Ian: I cant talk to girls i like! HELP!?
Hello, I am 13 and I cant talk to girls —>I LIKE <--- I can talk to girls I am not attracted to but ones I like its hard when I try my mind just goes blank and I don't know what to say and I blush and get nervous. does anybody have any tips so I can fix this Best answer:

Answer by Sophie
Pretend that they are just like any other girl, it may be difficult, but just try your best to be casual about it 🙂

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2 thoughts on “I cant talk to girls i like! HELP!?”

  1. thats because u get too upsesed with the likeness u have for the girl come on she is like the ones u don’t like so take your step today

  2. Some girls are easy. Just pretend youre talking to your mom – but not too much haha! Make small talk, talk about casual things. It just takes a couple seconds of embarrassment to perhaps trigger her feelings, right? Give it a try, smile, make her feel comfortable around you (:

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