How would I start a conversation with a girl on valentines day?

Question by Josh ^.^: How would I start a conversation with a girl on valentines day?
Hi everyone, I’m an 18 years old, (male) and I want to ask my girl – friend out, who’s 19 and who I’ve know since for around 5 years plus, and we both know loads about each other, but we have a problem… Every time we see each other, which is rarely, were stump for words but we can text loads! Were meeting up on Saturday and I plan to ask her out (finally) but I fear when we meet, we’ll not say much at all 🙁

Any idea’s?? 🙂 Thanks.

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Answer by Noelle Okalski
The same thing happens to me! Don’t sweat it!(: She will think that you are charming and sweet if you do it, & also a lot of girls expect the guy, (older or younger) to step out of their comfort zone and make the 1st move. Weather it is a kiss, a hug, or even just asking her out on a date. Even just making conversation. Girls put a lot of pressure on the guys, NO DOUBT, but trust me if you really want it it will come naturally! You generally wan to make interesting conversation, so at first ask about her, (sports she plays-school grades-) soon the conversation will come around and you will be talking about the both of you! Good luck(:

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