How to work up the nerve to text the girl?

Question by 07ShelbyGT: How to work up the nerve to text the girl?
I need to text this girl but I ticked her off pretty bad so any ideas
I have said sorry I don’t know how many times at least 15 but won’t forgive me
Well I know she doesn’t want to talk she has told me that and called me desperate

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Answer by Rob
depends how mad you made her, if you made her really mad just say sorry and see how you can fix it

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4 thoughts on “How to work up the nerve to text the girl?”

  1. Just do it. Shoot her a text. If she texts you back, she wants to patch things up too. You should probably reference whatever it was that you did to tick her off, and ask if you can talk about it or make it up to her, depending on your intent.

  2. Aww! Sorry your quesition is cute.
    Start off with a simple ‘heyy’. If she responds (which is a good thing ;D) and she sounds somewhat hostile, SAY YOUR SORRY! She will be shocked that you have thenerve to say it and she will lighten up. It will get MUCH better after that

  3. Hey (her name) I hope your day went as beautiful as you. if she doens’t answer then you made her really mad

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