How to try to get the girl to talk about herself more?

Question by Joe: How to try to get the girl to talk about herself more?
Cause im texting this girl I met and I kinda like and she keeps asking questions about me and so far I barely got to ask her any cause so far I barely know some things about her so how can I flip this conversation around where I can ask her the questions with out being rude or awkward?

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Answer by Mac Van
20 questions, sir. 20 questions.

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  1. You’re probably not holding up your end of the conversation as well as you think you are if she’s the only one asking questions. Just ask her the same questions back and when she answers expand on the question or ask another.

  2. Here’s my two cents. Don’t become a girls texting buddy. Texting buddy often = friend zone. Maybe send 2 or 3 funny/sweet texts a day just to keep in touch and keep her interested.

    My advice would be to ask her to hang out/go on a date. Save the getting her to talk about herself for these times when you two are out togethor. To do so, just ask her questions about herself. For instance, “what music do you like?” “are you from this town?” “do you play any sports?”. There are a thousand more questions you could ask her. Once she answers the question, build the conversation around her answer. Throw a few jokes in the conversation here and there, be sweet and genuine. Actually remember what she is telling you so you don’t ask her the same question again a week/month later (I have actually done this. Bad experience, and I felt horrible!).

    The main problem with texting each other all the time is that you reveal to much about yourself too quickly. You want to have some mystery about you. Girls love that stuff. Honestly, if you tell her everything there is to know about you in a months time over texting, what else will there be to talk about? Not to mention she will know you inside and out, which is never fun in a relationship!

    Best of luck to you!

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