how to texts friends that are girls?

Question by Bryce K: how to texts friends that are girls?
how should i text girls? im having some trouble. i can either be really good and funny or really bad and awkward so any tips? thanks!

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Answer by Alison R
Oh silly silly text them like you text your normal friends, there’s no deference!

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4 thoughts on “how to texts friends that are girls?”

  1. Hey, whats up?
    Hey, how are you?

    uhm talk about stuff like what your doing tmmrw, the mall,
    or like
    Hey, we should hang sometime.

  2. We Are Just Girls texts Us Like Your Guy friends seriously
    2 Whats Up!
    3. What Up…..
    4 Heyy Beautful:) HaHa Lol (either 1)
    5. Hayyyy Chickeyyyyyy
    6 Darlennn I Wanna Talk to u
    Be Coinfndent and don’t be nasty abnoxius or bad jut be aknd polite young gentle man your amazing good luck baby boy

  3. Say
    theyll say
    then say
    wats up?
    theyll say
    u say
    nuthing,,,just knitting and watching america’s next top model
    theyll say
    haha bryce ur hillarious!
    u say
    OMG NO!! Lakreisha just got voted off!

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