How to text women and be flirty?

Question by Jeff: How to text women and be flirty?
So I’m texting this girl right now actually and the conversation has gotten kinda dull. Like right off the bat. What could i say or do to maybe spice it up. I know you shouldnt text them that much but i mean it died in like the first two texts lol with the boring “Hows it going?” “Not to bad, how about you? ” kinda thing lol.

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Answer by jenn
i know what you mean, but when a guy tries to flirt over text, its always obivious and lame and embarassing. idk just say something like “so whatcha doing” and if she says something like “watching the movie _______” you can be like OH I LOVE THAT MOVIE.

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  1. start off by saying hey babe or baby or some other petname. then use lots of winky faces & smiley faces & always tell them theyre beautiful or invite them over(:

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