How to text girls in high school?

Question by nathaniel: How to text girls in high school?
I am a sophomore in high school. I am a shy kid and I can get paranoid easily so like I think no girl would ever want to text me even though I talk to some girls quite a bit in school last year and this year and they like talking to me. Also I have a problem with texting girls more popular than me especially because I always think theres no way they would want to be friends with me. Also, how should I start texting girls if ive never texted them before. PLEASE HELP

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Answer by drewuke2005
get their number. say hi. start texting. go from there

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  1. Just try to come up with random conversations, talk about music, people anything that keeps the conversation going. Don’t worry about the whole ‘popular’ thing, confidence is always a plus in a guy.

  2. Im a college girl now so Ive been through highschool….. Honestly there is no such thing as what “popular” is…. they are just people everyone is the same!!! even models fall in love with ugly people……..Just text a girl you like and have fun convos like playing the 20 question game…… but thats way after you just text causually. and if you realize that shes into you just be nice and make sure you tell her how cool you think she is…. Don’t be dirty! hope this helps…people are just people.

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