How to Text a Girl You Like

In the era of technology, it is important to know how to use it the right way. Just as man of ages past blew pick-up lines and getting the girl, you can blow it through a text message too. There are rules to follow when texting.

What are the best text messages to send a girl?

Rule 1:  Text Inconsistently

  • Not what you were expecting to hear? Do the same thing to the girl. A woman will chase after you when she can’t figure you out. If you are always texting her back then you become predictable and even a bit boring. But if you are sporadic and always keep her guessing, then you are entertaining because she is not sure what or when you will text her. It will keep her guessing and looking at her phone, thinking of you and wondering if you will send her another one.

Rule 2:  Have a Good Time

  • Always seem like you are having a great time, no matter what you are doing. Keep it upbeat, even if you might not exactly feel that way at the moment. You never want to tell her you are bored or tired or complain about something. That makes you dull and uninteresting. Stay positive and happy in any interaction you have between the two of you.

By being positive all of the time it will make her associate only fun times with you. And since everyone likes to go out with a fun person, you will be golden.

Rule 3:  Keep it Simple Stupid

  • Always be short and flirty in the messages you are sending out. Don’t try and send her a chapter on your background details – boring! Make your texts short and witty so she keeps wanting more. But don’t be predictable on when and how you send them either. Make them spaced apart and unpredictable in content and frequency.

Rule 4:  Texts Get You in Her Head

  • The more she thinks about you, the better you are in her mind. She will convince herself she likes you with funny messages that work in your favor. Texting jokes, pictures, short messages and flirts are a quick way to keep her focused on you. Random texts work well if they are funny or short and to the point.

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