How to text a girl when the conversation gets boring?

Question by Jason: How to text a girl when the conversation gets boring?
I like this girl and I text her a lot and It gets boing some times and I really dont know what to say, you can call me a dork and stuff but im really shy and I dont usually have the courage to say something outrageous. But ill grow a pair, just tell me. What you have to say

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Answer by The kewl person
you can talk about what you like to do. ask her what she likes, even if youre not interested, keep asking questions. girls love to talk about themselves. if shes into theatre you can say hey maybe ill come see one of your shows sometime! or sports, hey maybe ill come to a game!, gymnastics a competition. good luck!

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  1. say something awkward so she could laugh like, “so the weather’s been nice lately.” sometimes stupid crap like that could keep the conversation going.

  2. Yea it happens. Try making her laugh. Say sumthin rediculous and see if she plays along. Just be like, marry me and see what she says. Girls like spontaneous funny remarks. Well i do anyway.
    All else fails, try a compliment, and if she doesnt react well, perhaps she is just boring

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