How to text a girl that knows you like her?

Question by Thomas: How to text a girl that knows you like her?
Just A little bit of background info. In general I am a very awkard person to be around, and apart from a few friends who kniw me personally, I am out of the conversation(less so when there are less people) My texfting expirence is ridicously limited, I’m lucky to get a text from a person every few months. The girl I’m texting knows I like her, I asked for her number and I’ve given her a caney grahm(candy canes people hand out at homeroom to whoever you aked it to be delivered too) She is fairly normal, and I can’t think of anything else that standa out. I would like to become fairly good friends with her, and I figured that texting would be a bit more easygoing way to interact with people. I’m not your average “weird” guy, I have a degree of Autism and certain Asperger like traits, this makes me very aloof and possibly even annoyingly random in social events(more awkard around girls than boys). I have no friends that are girls, but I friends with a few of the more popular guys so I sort of end up with the more socially popular people, I guess. Sorry you guys had to read through all that, but hopefhully you cqn help me find an effective way of texting this girl, possibly even becoming fairly good friends. Thank You So Much!!!

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Answer by Uriah Edwards
Your totally right, texting is a great way to get to know someone. Be warned it can be risky since it is difficult to convey tone. But if your are trying to win her over than you may try adding in some nice complements here and there. However, I wouldn’t go about doing this until you become a regular with her, in texting. Just ask simple questions, about her day and things like that and soon you’ll have plenty to talk about. If you ever need help though I’ve been through this with many people and I would be more that glad to give you some suggestions, feel free to IM or send me an email, my information is on my page of course. I hope this helps.

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