How to tell when a girl is flirtatious via text messaging?

Question by Lithio: How to tell when a girl is flirtatious via text messaging?
for example, when they add extra letters like “heyyy” or “joshhhhh” is that flirting or just being cute with her own texting “style” (ya know). How do you know when a girl is flirting via text messages? Girls, it would be cool if you gave some input here 😉

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Answer by ♥JaCiNdA♥
Adding letters isn’t flirting.

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  1. it could be depends flirting thru via texting is easier than face to face so if she says ur cute jk she usually means it

  2. Jacinda (above) is right. Adding extra letters isn’t really flirting. Now, if she laughs at everything you say, then she’s flirting. As in, if she replies to every single one of your texts with “lolll” or “haha” or some other variation of the word, then she’s into you. Also if she initiates the conversation, the chances are that there’s probably a reason why she wanted to talk to you over her best girlfriend. 🙂

  3. hey, when I text everyone, for some crazy reason, I add alot of periods…. u know… what I mean… don’t read into any of it, people can hide behind text messages, my advice for you, is to use the other end of the phone, and call the girl, and talk with her, leave the text messages alone with the girls your into, they can hide behind the words, and it’s easy to play games with someone

  4. adding letters is not flirting just trying 2 b cute – trying 2 b cute however kind of is.. depends on the dialog if she says something that could b taken 2 ways often when texting u I would say yes 2 flirting but if her texts’ & reply’s R all plain or gossipy sounding then i think no also how often she sends text messages she may b trying 2 get your attention but not know how other than being a friend

  5. The extra letters, I think, would be flirting. Also, girls tend to use the cute smilies like 🙂 or :], and sometimes with the winky eyes -> 😉

    I hope this helped 😀

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