How to tell if a girl doesn’t want to text?

Question by S S: How to tell if a girl doesn’t want to text?
Girls what do you do to get a guy to stop texting? How can I tell if you don’t want to talk?

I hate how I have to text this girl first, she never text me first. Don’t worry I’m not a stalker or anything, but why do I have to start every conversation. I get a reply 15 to 20 minutes later then we start the conversation, does that mean she’s not interested or did she wait on purpose (I heard girl did that to no seem clingy)? It does seem strange that it’s always perfectly withing 15-20 mins.

After the first reply we reply to each other back and forth within 5 minutes so that’s good and it also seems like she wants to keep the conversation going too. The thing is when I made the excuse I needed to urgently go to bathroom and say “Need.. to release bowels Bye” she replied with “Haha Bye” pretty quick. Maybe she was happy to end the conversation.

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  1. She’ just not that into you. If she was she would contact you the way you’re contacting her. K.I.M.

  2. well she probably isn’t into you if she is ignoring your text or she is late responding text & don’t always her she will feel like she is suffocating especially if you aren’t together…


  4. Well dude, she probably waits on purpose. Depending on the age all girls are different. If she wasn’t interested I’m sure she would make it known. Keep trying. Goodluck

  5. YOU ARE OVERTHINKING IT! when I dont feel like texting, i just dont text him after 5 mins or just say short replies, or make excuses to go somewhere or do something. I would suggest you not to say it again, “Need.. to release bowels Bye”! WTF! LOL

  6. she was laughing because what you said ,and just because she doesn’t respond quickly doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to talk,if i don’t want to text i would use short words just to give the message

  7. I mean Im a girl and it depends on what time you text us, i mean i do i text back late and stuff all girls do that, i mean I do it to the guys who I liked before and I still do it. I dont even know how to answer this girls….are just weird and confusing i even confuse myself at times…so dont worry

  8. If I do not want to talk to a guy I will just ignore the messages. That or I would just answer with short answers and not try to push the conversation forward.

    I am sure that the girl is not sitting there waiting for you to text 24/7, that is why she does not reply immediately.

  9. She is just being nice by answering your texts. She prob does not want to talk/ text you since she never texts you first. To test this theory- stop texting her and see what happens. If she texts you after a couple of days- then great. If she does not, then move on. You seem like a nice guy and there are plenty more where she came from 🙂

  10. She doesn’t want to start the conversation because she doesn’t want to see like she’s stalking you.
    She also doesn’t want to seem clingy (like you said) but she’s probably really happy that you did text her. i don’t think that she wants to end the conversation.
    sorry if i don’t help at all but i tried 🙂

  11. If she uses short replys like “okay” “umm i dunno” or anything like that, she is more than likely not interested BUT if she doesn’t she is probably playing hard to get and wants to see how far you go. My opinion, be straight up and ask her if she likes talking to you. Sure it may seem awkward but it is better that you find out the truth from her. If she does, Congrats. If not, plenty of fish in the sea hunnie!

  12. She might just be a little shy to text you first, or maybe doesn’t feel the need to since you’d text her anyway. I sometimes feel like a bother if I decide to text someone first if they haven’t texted me, thinking maybe they are too busy or something like that.
    Or maybe she isn’t interested, however if I was uninterested I’d find a way to get out of the convo by making an excuse or something. If she always does that then probably she isn’t interested in talking.
    However if it’s always the same amount of time between when she replies then maybe she was waiting for a text but doesn’t wanna seem desperate?
    Honestly it’s hard to say, but if she always looks for a way out, then most likely she’s not interested. Good luck 🙂

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