How to tell a girl you dont like her anymore?

Question by minicoop: How to tell a girl you dont like her anymore?
So ive been texting this girl lately and we have both said we like each other but is isnt a relationship. I like her and all but then i met another girl and i like her sooo much more. I dont know what to do because i know i would be much happier and have much more fun with this girl. I dont want to be mean but i dont want to keep flirting or lead her on or something. Help please!

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Answer by thundercat
Just be honest with her

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  1. Just cut her off, girls do it all the time to guys, when we stop liking them, we shut them out, or friendzone them haha. or you could just ask her if she still likes you. She will most likely ask you if you still like her in return. Don’t be an ass though, be like “I like us better as friends” or something like that 😉 good luck

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