How to tell a girl that I like her friend?

Question by Lakersfan: How to tell a girl that I like her friend?
Im 16 and I have been texting this girl for a while, and it is obvious I am flirting and she doesnt seem to mind, but she has a potential ex-boyfriend( cheated on her long story ). But the other day her friend texted me, and now Im wondering if it is rude to go after this girls’ friend?
P.S. Me and this girl are friends, but I do not know her friend.

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Answer by <3E
lol i WISH i know how guys think..ok heres the thing..since her bf is cheating she’s going to be really sensitive when she sees a guy flirting with her and then going after her friend….
so maybe you shouldn’t really talk to her about it much and stop flirtng with can stil talk to her just don’t flirt
and ask her friend out if you like her..but don’t bring the girl into this
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