How to talk to the girl you have a crush on?

Question by John: How to talk to the girl you have a crush on?
I normally am fine talking to girls but i can never talk to the girl i have a crush on. How should i start a conversation?

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Answer by alex
just talk to her like you wood any other girl or guy for that matter i used to have the same problem (cept talkin to guys) and u really just have to look around that fact and talk to them it sounds hard but after a while it gets easier
some good conversation starters are just complements like good job after a sports event talk about music or anything you think or know u have in common

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  1. comment her?
    if you are acquainted, ask your to join you and a bunch of (both you and her) friends to all go hang out together?
    If you have a class with her, talk about the class?
    If you are near her and she is carrying on another conversation, politely, jump into the conversation and stat your opinion?

    Just don’t make it too obvious, she might not know if she likes you or not yet, she might not really know you. Start out as friends, and work up to the dating etc. No one wants to date a complete stranger. Maybe go out on a date to get to know you, but that doesn’t mean you two are boyfriend and girlfriend.

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