How to talk to girls you dont know?

Question by Jacain Knight: How to talk to girls you dont know?
When i talk to girls i dont know, i dont what to talk about, so my question really is what are some conversation starters?

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Answer by Rudolf Qnan
say hi, how are you ?
What is your name? you should asked.. don’t use can word because that’s easy to answer with no.
lets say can I know your name? no..
then introduce your self …
then give her a compliment how her hair or eyes or how look she looks today..
and then ask for her number.. remember don’t use can… use what’s your number?

straight to the point …..

always smile

it takes confident …

shyness doesn’t really pay this time.

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4 thoughts on “How to talk to girls you dont know?”

  1. If you are face to face talking… Get to know her. If she has a great sense of humor… Throw in some jokes. Make her laugh.
    If you are texting… Play the 20 questions game.

  2. Dude, be confident! There are loads of things to talk about. And if she’s interested in you, she will continue the conversation. if she doesn’t, sorry bro, try another girl? Good luck

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