How to talk to girls without being awkward?

Question by MajdemProductions: How to talk to girls without being awkward?
I have trouble talking to girls, especially the ones i like. I only want to be friends. I dont go up to them, but when they come talk to me (rarely lol) i can’t handle it and get all nervous (sweaty and red in the face). It then ends up being a very boring conversation and gets really awkward. I am rather outgoing with my male friends. Any tips on what to say to keep the conversation going or how to calm my nerves?

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Answer by Chelsea March
just be yourself..act as though as you are a great person or something…
if anyone ever praise you, keep that in mind that you are okay and normal
be at your best ..dress nicely, perfect manners
and a good sense of humour
girls dont expect much from dont worry
be confident

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2 thoughts on “How to talk to girls without being awkward?”

  1. go talk to a lot of uglier girls and then slowly progress to the prettier ones

    i used to be REALLLY shy
    even WITH ugly girls
    but now it’s just like eh
    they’re just girls afterall, they’re like you guy friends with boobs and a vagina

  2. okay…so…
    i’m having some trouble with that too…
    but here’s wut my dad told me

    he said that if you think of them as girls, they’ll be girls…and any relationship you want with them will turn out to be like girlfriend boyfriend…but if you think of them as just any other person, noting that it has nothing to do with being a boy or girl, it won’t matter. Just think of them as any male friend. Don’t like punch them or something until u get to know them better…but don’t keep a line between a girl and a boy in a friendly-mannered relationship. just let them blend together…

    i don’t know if you know wut i mean and if you do, i’m not sure it’ll work, but it’s been working for me.
    good luck!

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