How to talk to girls without anxiety?

Question by J.A.M.: How to talk to girls without anxiety?
I need to figure this out. I used to be able to talk to girls fine back in elementary school. Then in like 7th grade it was like I literally couldn’t talk to them. Its like a switch in my brain shuts off and I can’t function around girls, especially the prettier ones. Its so frustrating because any time I work up the courage to say something to a girl, it comes out wrong and sounds awkward and weird. I’m going to be a senior this year and I’m just sick of not being able to function like a human in front of girls!

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  1. That’s perfectly normal to be nervous when about to talk to someone. You just have to show the the positive side of you otherwise they will think something is wrong with you. Keep your head up and do the best you can…if they’re smart then they’ll understand =)

  2. it’s because you care too much what they think and about them. forget about them,and dont put them on a pedastool.

  3. I used to be just like you. Until, I realized, you have nothing to lose. Just be yourself, and talk to her like she’s just another person. I know it’s easier said than done. But it really is simple. Sometimes, self motivation and preparation helps.

    For me when I had anxiety before doing something, example asking a girl out. I used to tell myself “Don’t think about what you’re doing, and just do it” .

    Hope that helped somewhat.
    Good luck =D

  4. I was a lot like you. I don’t think you ever lose that anxiety, but when you can finally tell yourself “screw it, she’s not going to like me anyway so I’m going to talk to her” Its definitely not easy but the more you get in that type of attitude then the easier it will be. Once you get older then alcohol helps but not too much or then you’ll be way too sloppy

  5. cuz u care ur behavior in front girls too much, tell urself too care will make any good to u. so figure out good ways like image the girl is ur good friend , very good friend and tell urself no need worry about anything. You can also practice it before ur oppose-sex friends . good luck!

  6. You need self confidence. Not that I know if you do or not. I seem to have found though that the better I feel about myself, the easier it is to talk to guys. (I’m a girl.) Also, try and have some girls just as friends. That way you’re not nervous about impressing them, you’ll learn more about them, and then you’ll use that knowledge to approach girls you would like to date.

    You’re a senior? Me too! To make dating easier, try double dating. If you have a good guy friend, ask out two girls that are friends and then the nervousness will be gone. Feel free to ask me for advice any time with any girl!!

  7. lol all these people are probably so much older than you…

    I’m 18, a girl and recently graduated. You can listen to me, or you can totally ignore what I have to say.

    Now, I’m a little different than most girls. But the one thing that I always knows gets me attracted to a guy, is when he’s just himself. I think the key is laughter. If you can make a girl laugh, or even just smile, in her head shes saying “Huh, this kid isn’t so bad after all.”

    There’s no need to put up this facade about being someone you’re not, or showing off or anything like that. Some girls like that bullshit, other (like me) would much prefer you to just be yourself. Even if yourself is awkward and weird. Some of us like that and think its cute.
    So just get out there and talk to someone. Crack a random joke, compliment a piece of jewelry, anything to just make them smile. It helps a lot.


  8. Sorta study her, find something she hates, or EVERYONE hates, and rant about it with her. Then, become friends.

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