How to talk to girls with confidence? Please help?

Question by Kobe: How to talk to girls with confidence? Please help?
I notice when I talk to girls I do not know very well, my voice shakes sometimes. I really can approach a girl I don’t know, but even if I do, my voice sounds nervous. How should I solve that problem?

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Answer by Schiffy!
I diagnose you with case of “Being a little bitch”. For this I prescribe you a heavy does of “Man the fuck up”.

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  1. ask them out or just random talking? talking isnt that hard, just join in on a conversation one of your friends is having with a girl. asking out is a little different. but just be yourself. some girls think nervous is cute.

  2. Keep your statements and questions short. Just a few words at a time. Long ones will showcase your shaky voice and give you too many chances to be tongue tied. Short and simple until you relax enough to elaborate.

  3. o come on girls arent that scary lol i guess u have some anxiety just remember most of them are hoes and theyll do what u want im a girl and i know how they are ok im not a hoe though but i could say im probably one of the only ones

  4. The voice problem usually comes when you find yourself in a situation where you do not feel comfortable with it or maybe when you are talking about something that makes you uncomfortable.

    This is all in your head and to solve this problem you just have to get comfortable being around girls and hitting on them. So it might take some time to adjust but the more girls you approach the more comfortable you will get with that kind of situations. This is the way to force the feeling of comfort in these situations.

    Another way is to find the source of your confidence and believe in yourself. This may sound easy but it’s not because there is a big difference between thinking that you believe in yourself and actually believing in yourself enough to be calm and centered when you talk to a random girl. To do this you have to understand that nothing she could do or say can hurt you in any way. No matter how hot and sexy she is, whatever she says that is meant to hurt you or to hurt your feelings is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what she thinks. It only matters what you think of yourself.

    Try either of these 2 ways they both worked for me because i actually had to test them out in the field one by one before i could understand them both and the reason they work.

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