How to talk to girls the right way?

Question by ghost89: How to talk to girls the right way?
Hello, I want to know if there is anyone that can help me with talking to girls. I have head girl friends in the past,but I have been single for a year now. I want to meet new girls,but some how, I just can seem to talk to them the right way.

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Answer by Mariel C
compliments are awesome!

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  1. Don’t use too many pick up lines.

    Just act natural and don’t make a big deal out of just going over and saying “hey.”

    Also, most girls like to be surprised once in a while, but make sure it’s a good, romantic surprise, like a date under the stars or something wonderful like that.

  2. just give them compliments, every girl likes that. be nice to them . if your walking with a girl open the door for them if you are going inside some where, or if your on a date open the car door for her to get in or out, or pull out the chair for her and push her in.

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