How to talk to girls on Facebook and in real life?

Question by Harry: How to talk to girls on Facebook and in real life?
Im nearly 16 now and There’s this girl I like but I don’t really know her that well, and I’m too shy to talk to her incase it seems weird. I haven’t talked to her in a few months so it might seem weird if I just started talking to her now. I have never been good at talking to girls or getting girls (it’s not because I’m ugly because I’ve been told a lot that I’m good looking from other girls). Any ideas on how I could talk to her on Facebook or in real life??

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Answer by bobby
This question relates to me a lot aswel xD I’m interested in seeing some answers by girls themselves…

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  1. I think that technology is a major stepping stool in a relationship and can help break your shyness barrier. I think the best thing you can do is start smiling or being nice to her as much as you see her, don’t over do it though. Just when she looks at you smile, when you see her face to face or your in close contact just make small talk. Then, you can try adding her on Facebook, she won’t think it’s weird, yes she will find it random but it will also keep her wondering why and keep her interested in talking to her. Eventually you will start talking to her online which will lead to in person. Haha this is how i met my boyfriend at least. Hope that helps!

  2. Ok, kid look if you want to overcome this fear, the best thing you can do is trust yourself and start talking.

    The key to talking to girls is: CONFIDENCE. You absolutely must believe in yourself. If there’s anything a girl wants it’s a confident guy. Girls like a guy who can present himself well.

    To put it simple: You have to believe in yourself and more importantly be yourself. Girls want guys who are honest. So to talk to girls, being yourself is a must.

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