How to talk to girls including my crush?

Question by UNKNOWN: How to talk to girls including my crush?
I have a crush in my High School. For 3 months, we have been saying Hi with a smile but she smiles cute and sometimes keeps her eyes down like she is shy. I would like to talk to her. I am not, at all, a great conversationalist. I have never had a conversation before in my life in the outside world but inside with my parents and my family. I am a very confident person and people find me as a nice guy with a great personality but there is one problem. How should I talk to girls? I am able to talk to male boys, just mostly my friends, but not with girls. I am worried. I can’t think of any words to say. I searched the net and found some pretty great conversation topics but nothing is coming ou of my mouth, I m just like blank. Help me! 🙁


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Answer by Prim Elle
Ask her simple things like did you do the math homework. Then ask if she got number 6 then ask her how she got it. After she helps or if she didn’t just try to make a joke or something it could be about the teacher or the homework then try to make the conversation more personal like talk about your self more

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  1. Just start talking about anything. Ask her where the restroom is. Say “I like that dress you’re wearing” “how do you like so-and-so’s class” etc. Talking to a girl isn’t rocket science. She’s a person, very much like you. So you don’t need the voice of God in order to hold a conversation with her.
    And then accept the possibility that this isn’t the girl of your dreams. If fact, I’m going to guarantee you right now she’s not. She could be a girl you can have a good relationship with. But she’s not the dream. This is one of the problems with crushes. All you’ve got to go on is a look and a smile. Other than that, you know almost nothing about who she is and what it’s like to be with her. So your imagination can go to the moon. And the more you build in your head the further from the reality of the person you get, and the more crushing the potential let-down if you actually do go up to her and talk to her and things don’t go exactly the way you hoped/thought they would.
    So look at it this way. “yeah she’s cute. But I have no idea if she’d make a good girlfriend or not. Let’s find out” It’s much easier to start a conversation with someone you’re just checking out as opposed to the girl you’ve already decided is going to be the mother of your children. IF that’s going to happen, it’s a long way from here. And there’s no way you can possibly know that until you’re well into a relationship.

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