How to talk to girls in high school/texting?

Question by Earl Snoop: How to talk to girls in high school/texting?
I have no problem building up the confidence to talk to girls but i never know what to say once i start talking to them. For example this is what a typical conversation is like for me….
Me: Hey/Hi
Me:Whats up
Girl:ntm hbu
I just dont know what to say and i always end up with a awkward silence

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Answer by Suckaaaa
ask her about her hobbies and interest, talk about school and just life in general..ask her to hang out and compliment her if you’ve seen her in person..all girls like compliments 🙂
please help me! :))

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  1. Instead of seeing her like a girl the frist time you talk tohe imagine she is a boy how would you talk to one of ur hommies… or ask her a question anything

  2. depending on who your talking to don’t just ask about what they’re doing ask about their day and if anything interesting happened through out the day. I appreciate it when a guy asks me that (: especially one i like and from there just ask about plans for the weekend and from there it’ll be easier.

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