How to talk to girls I find attractive and good looking?

Question by johndo: How to talk to girls I find attractive and good looking?
hey everyone, I’m a 19 year old guy and I can’t seem to talk to girls I find attractive and good looking. If I do start a conversation with an attractive girl, it doesn’t matter what we’re talking about, I start to blush really bad, my heart starts to beat like crazy and I can’t seem to relax. I could talk all day with girls I don’t find attractive and it isn’t a problem. I don’t consider myself shy because I’m confident in almost everything I do except talking with girls I find attractive and good looking. I’m 100% straight so that’s not the problem lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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Answer by Kevin Li
stop being a pussy and realize that there’s a ton of girls in this world, and even if you fuck up with one there’s still a lot more.

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  1. Start by talking to ANY girl… or any stranger for that fact. Make it a habit of just talking to women you meet anywhere. The key point is don’t hit on them, talk to them. This will help you gain the confidence to talk to girls you find attractive.

  2. Treat them like they are like ordinary girls (after all they are, its just the make up that enhances their beauty) So yeah keep telling your self shes just the same as everyone else…

  3. Just casually start a conversation, most things are done over facebook these days so maybe you should just ask someone you like the look of how they are ect, once you’ve started speaking more ask her to the cinema or to a party, take a couple or your friends and ask her if she wants to bring some of hers, this will take away most of the akwardness as you both have other people to talk to aswell as eachother!

  4. The reason why you are fine with girls you find unattractive but not with girls you do, stems from the fact that you are viewing the less-attractive ones as regular people, and you are putting the pretty ones on a pedestal. You need to think rationally and let yourself realize that these girls are just that- girls. They are regular people.

    It’s natural for us men to see a good looking woman and suddenly we feel the need to suck up to her, or to impress her, or we think it’s necessary to have something beyond a casual conversation the first time we talk to her. You need to learn to put looks aside and talk to a person and enjoy them as a human being. Only then can you truly feel the rewards of having some eye-candy by your side.

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