How to talk to girls at college?

Question by jsoccer10: How to talk to girls at college?
I’m currently in my second year of college and I still have problems talking to girls. There’s this one girl that sits behind me in a big class of 100 people in an auditorium. She catches my eye every time I see her and i cant help but look at her. now I don’t know why but i have no confidence when it comes to girls. I’m very confident in myself when it comes to everything else like school and being social but with girls i have no confidence in myself.. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Answer by kyjilly13
tap that ass

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  1. well, since u can’t do anything, why don’t you talk to them the same way you would if they were guys? come up to them, say hi, start a NORMAL conversation… if u want to ask them out, trust me, if they like you back, they will, most of the time.

  2. run into her. say you are sorry, do it hard enough that it is not creepy that you ask to buy her coffee to make up for knocking her over.

    haha, I am full of them tonight! It sounds funny, but it seriously works. Just don’t hurt her when knocking her over.

  3. u need practice and the confidence will come naturally….u need to become friends with the grl. Strike up a convo regarding class and take it from there. this isnt rocket science, be polite and interesting….go with the flow! good luck!

  4. Just take a deep breath and say hi.
    I used to be really shy, but I just started slowly talking to more and more people, and I got used to it.
    So just take it slow, but once you do start talking to someone, it’s usually pretty easy to continue.

    Good luck!! 🙂

  5. concentrate on getting a degree and making big bucks. you can have college girls until your 85 and they wont even care if you can talk anymore.

  6. You just have to suck it up and say hi. You can’t let shyness hold you back from talking to someone you may really learn to like. Maybe ask her for help with something in class or to borrow a pencil or just anything to break the ice. I know we girls can be intimidating but we’re just as nervous as you are so be brave.

  7. girls aren’t aliens.. so if u are very confident about everything else try to be the same when it comes to girls… women appreciate men who are confident not scared boys ( and since ur in collage ur no longer a boy anymore)… so make the courage and go to talk to the girl from the auditorium… she will like that.. and she will like more cause she will get to know u 4 real , not just from small looks at each other… good luck

  8. make friends with them first to get to know what they like and dont, then you ca start approaching them n tel them how you fil

  9. I would just turn around and look at her and smile a little and say “hi, I’m Nathan” and then ask how’s it going. I’d get into a conversation with her. Then, I’d say, “hey, can i get your number” and then i’d wait a few days, call it and get a beer with her … and more if it all goes right.

  10. Think about it, what would happen if she rejected you, or if it goes wrong? what ? you gonna lose anything? you gonna lose money? anything? nothing.

    so go for it. don’t waste your time, and you ll learn by trial. better now than later.

  11. Learn to laugh at yourself and blow off awkward situations. This helps relieve the stress of trying to meet new people. Always be genuine..this speaks volumes for who you are as a person and never goes unnoticed nor unappreciated by others..especially if they too are genuine. These are the people you should always surround yourself with.

    and don’t be to hard on yourself. You obviously think deeply and maybe read too much into situations before they actually become reality. let go. be yourself.

  12. Start out simple. Before class, try turning to her and just asking her about an assignment you might have had or a “question” you have on the material you are currently learning about. Just keep talking about your class or ask her what her major is or what classes she’s taking for the current semester/quarter (whatever system your school goes by). Then eventually you’ll be able to bring in more personal questions like asking her how her weekend was.

    Good luck with everything!

  13. You know sometimes it takes men a lifetime, to relax enough to talk to a woman. When there really isn’t any difference than talking to any good friend. Just be yourself, that’s who you are. People aren’t going to bite your head off for starting a conversation. Unfortunately the art of “talking and conversation” is something we have put on the back burner. Kind of like penmanship, not too many people take enough of an interest to just talk to one another any more. Seems we all have something stuck in our ears that we would rather listen to .
    I can tell you that if you keep coming here and expressing yourself as well as you just did, you don’t really have much to worry about.

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