How to talk to GIRLS and to keep the conversation going??

Question by Harvey: How to talk to GIRLS and to keep the conversation going??
I’m 15-years old and I’m considered a shy guy. I have a problem making eye contact and talking to girls my age. I was wondering – how can I talk to girls and make a conversation, while keeping them interested.

Another quick question – how to flirt with girls? I want to show that I’m boyfriend material, not friend material. Please help!

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Answer by ♥SeXiNeSs♥
just ask them questions and be friendly. flirt by smiling, eye contact, paying attention to them, etc …just try to be confident and you will be fine
🙂 good luck

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  1. Well Harvey, I’m a girl. You say you are shy, but how shy? I knew a guy a while back that was so shy I thought he was gay. They might think you are gay (no offense don’t take me wrong) So you have to say stuff like, “Hey what’s your number, I’d like to talk with you, maybe we could go to the movies or something sometime.”
    Play sports and meet the girl you like by her locker and talk to her. Eye contact is not really an issue, but when you say stuff like the above, look at her cutely.
    That’s my advice, hope it helps

  2. A week ago i told my self that my new philosophy in life is
    “FU(K it!” simple enough right. So next time you see her just tell yourself “FU(K it” ” idont care what happens because im not living a happy life alone and miserable.” Thats how you talk to the girl (if she’s alone it’ll be better)and hopefully I ‘ll see the girl I like tommorow and get to talk to her.

    What you should say is something like “hey” and ask her for her name and start a short convo with her. Ask her questions but not too many it’ll sound like she’s taking a quiz.

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