How to talk to girls?

Question by Spencer K: How to talk to girls?
Hey all, I have a real hard time starting up a conversation with strangers, (more specifically, girls). I can talk to my friends, and people I know very easily. I can’t seem to talk to people I’ve just met (or wanting to meet) that easy, I think because I don’t have anything interesting to say. I am in high school, and the only opportunity I can talk to girls are in class, parties, or at clubs. I’m fairly shy (and I don’t know/have anything to say) so it’s hard for me to get a conversation going.

Are there any books / magazines I can read to help me have something interesting to say when I meet new girls?? This question is a bit vague, so if you have any tips or advice, please let me know.

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Answer by Amanda
girls are pretty easy to talk to..
just say like hey how was your day
ask what some of her interests are
how her classes that day were
if there was homework if thats somewhat like you
compliment her on her outfit or something

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  1. just ask her how is she and that i guess will start a conversation. ask her to come over to study w/ you.

  2. If you talk to the girls in your class you could start a conversation off about the class or ask questions. Just start with the small stuff until you start building your confidence. Also you could try telling a really funny joke, jokes are one of the many ways to break the ice.

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