how to talk to girls?

Question by Joe: how to talk to girls?
ok so im going to be a freshman next year and i think i need some pointers on how to talk to girls. any basic tips on how to start a random conversation or anything?

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Answer by Brutus
one word, confidence. if you are confident in yourself, then you can do anything.

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  1. be sweet. don’t be sarcastic. be polite
    open a door for them. start a conversation with small talk at first. and talk about yourself.
    it shows that you want to open up to them. just please don’t be an as$ .

  2. Be confident! It doesn’t matter what you say as long as its not stupid. Girls are attracted to guys who have a lot of guts, but aren’t to cocky about it… you know???
    But anyways, to start a conversation just say something like…”Do you know where this classroom is? I can’t find it….”
    Just be up-beat and charming. If you really want to get their attention, insult them lightly like saying
    “Your hair is REALLY long!” and she’ll be like “excuse me?!”. And then you can say, “Oh! I didn’t mean it like that…I like girls with long hair!”. Then smile and walk away. You have to leave immediately after, so she’s shocked.

    Good luck =]

  3. Practice Practice If what you say doesn’t work try some thing else. Nothing to heavy. Lite conversation. How was your week end? That was a hard test how did you do? If you are asking the questions you are in control of the conversation. Also you end up not having to talk as much as the other person. This comes from a guy that was too shy to talk. Didn’t have a date till 11 grade. I learned later in life. It hurts more not to ask girls out. Not to talk to them then to talk. The guys that are the best at it have done it the longest. Try talking to the girls you are not interested in first. Then after you are good at it the girls you would like to ask out to school dance. Good luck

  4. well i dont quite remember it well, but there is a blog and it seems to have an article which can answer your question i think. its too much to type it all here.. but do check it out

    article is called something like “How to Start Talking to Any Girl” and I think its posted between 15th-17th June 2010 sometime…

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