How to talk to a girl?

Question by Connor: How to talk to a girl?
I am a 17 year old virgin guy. Im a senior in high school but i dont really talk to girls that often. I get nervous whenever i try to talk to them and i feel like theres nothing i can do to fix this. I want to get laid so bad but i dont even know where to begin. Even if i could talk to a girl, how could i let her know im interested?

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Answer by BBold31
One word confidence. Just say “Hi” trust me I’ve been there being shy got to college and i said this is not who i want to be so every chance i got i said hi.

Tips to talking to girls: They will do all the talking just listen and respond.( when you get to college you’ll understand).

Dont try to get into their pants at first, be their friend but at the same time let them know you are interested in more than that. Sex will come, like everything it takes time just focus on being comfortable talking with them. You don’t have want to be the lover or bf with every girl you talk to, just talk to be comfortable sometimes.

remember women are weird never ever follow your instincts, with everything else in life yes follow your instincts, but with women when you think of doing something do the opposite.

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  1. Confidence is a necessity for talking to girls. The way to gain confidence is to make steps towards talking to a girl. It is like anything you don’t expect to be able to achieve something after the first day, but overtime you’ll begin to see results. Don’t try and get into a very long conversation, keep them short at first. Another true key to talking to a girl is to listen to them. Don’t simply just sit there and let them talk really listen to them and ask them questions pertaining to what they are telling you. This will show that you are not only listening to her, but also interested in what she has to say (even if you don’t truly have any interest in what she is saying). It’ll make her more comfortable around you as well as make you more comfortable. Don’t expect to get laid immediately to truly develop a relationship with a girl in which she will willingly sleep with you will take some time. The way to show a girl that you are interested in her is to do just that act interested in her. Talk to her when you see her, ask her questions pertaining to previous conversations that you’ve had with her. The main thing that you have to do is show her that you truly do care about her.

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