How to talk to a girl without being stupid?

Question by hero: How to talk to a girl without being stupid?
i can talk to girls, if it is one on one, but when more ppl joins the conversation, i keep quiet.idk why

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Answer by Amanda:]
Well, first talk to her one on one, then when you get to know her, talk in a big group. Like tell a joke or something. Maybe get an inside joke and when it is mentioned, you guys know you share a secret. btww, some girls really like shy guys:]
we think its cuuuuuutteeee:]

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2 thoughts on “How to talk to a girl without being stupid?”

  1. Hey Hero!
    Well Its not a big deal if a guy doesn’t want to
    talk in big groups if your more confident talking one on one
    then do what makes you feel comfortable

  2. dude i roll good you just tell storys and i hate the way you talk to a hot girl then one of your friend comes in

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