How to talk to a girl while meeting her for arranged marriage?

Question by vikram w: How to talk to a girl while meeting her for arranged marriage?
My parents have arranged my meeting with a girl for arranged marriage this weekend. Since I don’t have girlfriend hence I don’t know how to talk to girl in “Such” circumstances can anyone please guide me?

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Answer by missymay
Wtf that aranged marriage shit is still legal?!

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  1. Just say hello, ask questions about her. What music she likes, what movies she likes, what her hobbies are, what she does for a living if she works. Just general get to know you questions, since these are things you’ll want to know after you’re married.

  2. well first of all if u dont like her…then dont keep her hopes up, just tell her straight away
    but if u do like her….then u just gotta keep ur calm….n bring out the gentleman in u….remember she is pretty nervous 2….dont make her feel more uncomfortable…by asking weird questions or getting too nosy….
    talk like u wuld when u meet a girl u like for the first time….be nice…and get to know her well……also if u find she is not too comfortable telling u much…u can just take charge and talk a little about urself….
    good luck 😉

  3. Mate, just be yourself. I am sure you will have a bit of a background on the girl’s background. Capitalize on that to break the ice. Start talking about her work/ hobbies, do not get too personal about anything, just talk. Take it from there. Remember, you are talking to a prospective mate and trying to assess if she is the one for you. Just talk, you will know. And I mean it. More so, be yourself.

  4. She will probably be as nervous as you are so don’t worry first off. I know you get tired of hearing this but just be yourself. Be honest about everything (well almost everything). If she thinks your someone your not you don’t want her to find that out later. If you’re nervous tell her that. The worst thing you could do is to go in there acting like Mr. BigShot and look like an idiot.

  5. Just get to know her. you may ask her to be more casual in speaking. Do not curse or be rude though. Be sure as to find out if she is okay with arranged marriages. You should ask what she enjoys to eat, study? Her hobbies and what she does when she has free time? If she works and where? If she likes flowers or if she prefers chocolate? Her pet peeves?

  6. Understandable that arranged marriages still happen in some cultures. My best suggestion for you would be to get to know your future wife and let her get to know you. Don’t do all the talking and remember to ask her about her interests you may actually find something you both like and you can arrange a date with her to do that together and have fun, i would guess that you would probably need her fathers permission for this but i’m not sure about how your culture is but either way take her out to do something you both enjoy it will help alot with the tension and you’ll be able to have lots of fun together. Good Luck

  7. I have several friends who have had arranged marriages. When they met their perspective grooms, they all wrote down some things about themselves. Such as their likes and dislikes of food, music, dancing, clothing, political; views, religion, how many children they would like to have, educational goals, desire is for their future, wanted to travel, read more books.

    Mainly general information.

    good luck.

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