How to talk to a girl in highschool?

Question by wow761: How to talk to a girl in highschool?
I am a freshmen in highschool, and I do talk to girls when the teacher put us in groups. I eventually ends up being small friends with them. But now I can’t bring up the nerve to talk to girls in my class who I never met. Tips? I want to eventually maybe ask one out?

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Answer by nscalemodeler
No idea i am in middle school!

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  1. Just say hi to her at first, dont have to say anything else. Then start to add stuff, maybe something about homework or what you’re doing in class. Then you can start asking how her day went, blah blah blah, you get it.

  2. Well go online and do u research! Start being the funny guy! Look up jokes that are funny or start being the class clown a lot fo girls like that! Maybe dress nice or if you sit by a girl and its the end of class ask her if she needs help carrying her books are if you can walk her to her locker or car. Maybe if your going somewhere to hang out with your friends ask a girl if she wants to come along.

    Also when the teacher puts you into groups make sure that you pay attention in class! If you see a girl that is having trouble with that class or needs help with her homework, then help her maybe have a study date at the library or something, then take her out to eat somewhere.
    Well i hope these tips will help you!

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