how to talk to a girl?

Question by rakaesh: how to talk to a girl?
please give some useful tips on how to approach and talk to a girl since from my school days onwords many girls come and talk to me but i get nervous or i dont know whats the reason i couldnt talk to girls but i could talk and chat well with guys but i like having girl friends.

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Answer by Coketa2008
do it

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  1. just remember that when approaching a new girl who you dont know… she has NO idea that you are a bit shy, that gives you the opportunity to be anyone you want..

  2. try to just let the conversation flow. Dont focus on the perfect thing to say or no, just try to respond naturally ! good luck

  3. I used to have that problem with guys too! It’s really important to think of them as just another person that you already consider a friend before you talk to them. This really takes the nerves away so you don’t need “guts” to go talk to them… it comes naturally!

  4. Just realize that it doesn’t really matter how the conversation goes in the long run. Understand that its nothing to get worked up over because in the grand scheme of things how you talk to this one girl won’t matter much. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities.

  5. You have to find a way to overcome this fear. I f you talk to a girl or even if they reject you it’s not going to become the main topic for years to come. try going to a swap meet on the weekend or any place where there is alot of girls. and go for it. I was shy but when you talk to one it gets easier. if you approach 10 girls 1 will take a likn to you and 1 is better than none. Some times I learned you have to just say F*** it and go for it.remember no one can do it for you. its up to you.

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