How to talk more around girls?

Question by Hola: How to talk more around girls?
I need to know how to talk more around girls. I hang out with girls and guys probably equally but whenever I hang around girls it seems like I never talk. For example, today me and 2 girls went to the movies and before the movie I didn’t really talk much. After the movie, I talked but not as much as they did. So I need to know, how to talk around girls and what to talk about when I hang out with them??

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Answer by Traveler
Don’t go into the conversation with the idea that you’re trying to impress them. That could be part of the problem. Just talk about things that interest you as if you’re talking to guys.

Once you have that mastered, you’re home.

Don’t worry that you won’t talk as much as they do, because no boy or man will ever talk as much as the girls or women do anyway.

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