How to start talking to a girl?

Question by redjet: How to start talking to a girl?
I can talk to girls easily, not a problem. I just don’t know how to start talking to one. I know little about her. We have none of the same friends. I don’t have any classes with her. I only see her in the hallways sometimes, and when i do shes always with a friend. Just going up and saying hi wont work.

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Answer by bluebear
u talk to her ?

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  1. Say hi and introduce yourself if you guys fdont already kno eachother and you can start off by being friends if you like like her. That’s y most of us girls have guy friends. When you go to introduce yourself act cool dont be shy about it or else her friends will giggle at you and just ask her questions like how was your day and talk about what class was the most boring or at least something like that i hope this helps 🙂

  2. If you both have cell phones (which you probably do) ask around for her number an just text her one day. if you start to text a lot then you will be able to talk to her. she will feel comfortable with you and you will too. start by making jokes or complimenting her. as long as you are nice, then she will be happy. don’t mention other people in any way that is negative or degrading, because it will make you look bad. just be friends with her first and you will end up talking a lot more often.

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