How to start conversation with a girl on Facebook?

Question by filip: How to start conversation with a girl on Facebook?
hi,i want to ask how to start a conversation with a girl on Facebook.we don’t know each other, but i kinda like what are important things to get her interested and to not avoid me.??? and how important is the outside look about this ???i mean she is really cute.but i am the one who is not a hottie:D i am kinda ugly.

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Answer by Midnite_rose
Do you guys have mutual friends, you should try to contact her threw you mutual friend. Go to a group event that you know your mutual friend and her will be there. other than that its pretty creepy getting a text from some random stranger you never met. You can be a really old pedophile for all she knows.

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3 thoughts on “How to start conversation with a girl on Facebook?”

  1. Just say hi on chat, then make it look like you sent it to the wrong person, then take it from there 🙂

  2. poke her,,, when she pokes back. send her a message saying..

    you better stop poking me girl. or theres gonna be troublllle 😉
    i bet u get a response

  3. Just say hi and have a convo with her.but dont be boring cause that wont keep her interested.

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