How to start a texting convo with a girl?

Question by Sam Smith: How to start a texting convo with a girl?
Me and this girl have a thing, and when i text her the conversation almost always starts with “hey =]” what other ways can i start a conversation?

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  1. just be like “hey babe, what’s up? i’ve missed talking to you all day! (; ” something cuteeee! (:

  2. hi
    how are you
    how was your day
    haven’t seen/talked to you in a while
    what’s up
    how it going
    whats new
    how was school
    you were looking pretty cute today
    say hi in a different language
    give her a compliment

  3. “Hey, how are you?”
    “How’s you’re day going?”
    “HI FRIEND!! I miss you! What’s up?”

    There are TONS of ways to start texting conversations. Good luck! 🙂

  4. You can always start by giving her a compliment like “Hey your hair looked pretty today” or something like that :). if you are a little too shy to say that then ask her about her day. If, for instance, she a had a soccer game say “Hey, how did your soccer game go? I bet you did awesome.” My BF and I texted a lot before we started going out and I always liked it when he remembered stuff about me or gave me a compliment. I hope this helps and good luck!!

  5. if she has a nickname, you can b like, “Heyy (nickname)!” then you could bring up a funny experience between you 2, or an inside joke to make her laugh:) that will make her stay Inn the convo an WANT YOUR txts an attention! cuz I’ve seen a lot of guys carry on boringly and this makes you drift apart/ less attrdactive to her, hope it helps!!

  6. hey cutie.
    hey hun.
    helllllo love.
    good morning hotstuff.
    how are you love.
    guess what? hi. l0l
    juts be you!(:

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