How to Start a Text Conversation with a Girl

Starting a Conversation via Text

Between the Iphones, Blackberrys, Androids, there is no excuse as to why you can’t converse with someone of the opposite sex in an easy way.  Every type of modern convenience is at your fingertips so you can text, talk, send pictures to and even flirt via a phone. Imagine how easy dating would have been twenty years ago if this technology was around? Take advantage of the tools you were given and go out and get the girl of your dreams.

Have you had a little bit of luck in getting a couple of phone numbers from girls, but now you don’t know exactly how to proceed? Learning how to text from square one takes a little bit of practice, so don’t worry about how rusty you might seem in the beginning. Keep at it and follow a few tips and before you know it, you will be texting like a pro to all of the numbers you pick up.

 How to Start a Text Conversation to Make Her Want You

1. Make sure you have her contact details.

  •  There is nothing more embarrassing than getting the wrong phone number and sending an inappropriate message to someone. It might have been an appropriate message to your intended target, but it landed in the wrong phone. Oops. Chuckle. Or maybe you never even got that far with the girl. Did you have a great conversation or interaction with her but then forget to exchange numbers before you left.
  • Horrible. It could have been an opportunity of a lifetime and you blew it. Or she blew it. In order to prevent that from happening again, make a note to collect and exchange phone numbers early on in the conversation so you don’t forget. Don’t ask her within the first two minutes, and appear creepy. But do it earlier before you get sidetracked and forget about asking her.

2.  Once you get her contact details, make sure you initiate the first text.

  • After you do remember to get the phone number, then you are the one who should set the pace and tone of the continuing conversation. Send her a text first that makes you look cool and in control, not desperate or needy. Set the stage so there is texting back and forth and not just one-sided on your part. Make sure the first text is very soon after contact and not too far down the road. She might not even remember if you wait too long and ignore your text, no matter how great of a conversation you had in person initially.


3.  Be light and flirty.

  • Now the one thing that some guys seem to forget sometimes is that women aren’t stupid either. You asked for their number, you have it and they know you have it. So why are you plying the waiting game when you could be interacting and conversing and getting the relationship to progress? You can be flirty and get the ball rolling with her sooner rather than later. And if you don’t, then there might be someone else who will be.
  • Don’t start out and be overwhelming or over the top with a flirty message. Be subtle and suggest things you could do in the future and see how she responds to it. Be light and don’t expect any firm commitments from her, because she is checking you and the situation over too. Like, don’t be sending her naked body part pictures because that will probably land you in the ignore pile faster than anything.

4.  Don’t send too many text messages when she’s not sending that many back.

  • Do you feel all one-sided when you send a text? She might occasionally send one back, but you aren’t feeling it? Then it might be time to stop investing any more time in her. Whatever texting you are doing should be even and balanced between both parties. When you aren’t getting responses you are either sending too many texts, ones that don’t have a meaning to them or else she just isn’t that in to you. Take a step back and re-evaluate the situation before you send her any more texts. Don’t blow up her phone and ask what’s wrong, but try and look at things yourself and figure it out.

5.  Have a large base to draw from.

  • When you know a lot of girls, it will become easier to talk to them and know what to say. Have a large pool to draw from so you always have someone to talk to when needed.

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