How to Start a text conversation with a girl i like?

Question by ThebigDog11: How to Start a text conversation with a girl i like?
I know this girl who I like and I think she might like me too, but i barely ever talk to her so how do i start texting her and how do i see if she likes me

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Answer by NeeNee babesx.
just be like hey wats up. and see wat she txts back itsx not thtx hard

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  1. well start with a simple sub. try to find out what she likes, things in school, or things u like to do on the weekend. its just that simple.
    good luck

  2. Texting? Seriously? That’s the WORST way to talk to someone you like for the first real time. If you’re going to talk to this girl, do it over the phone or in person. Texting won’t get you anywhere. It may seem like it does, but after a month or two, it really doesn’t.

  3. Well you can basicly just text her saying Hey or Hey -(her name)- whatss upp?

    Try to get a good conversation goingg.
    Then try to talk to her more and get more comfortable with her. Then you can see if you still like her. try to look for clues with how she acts around you. If you see it like she likes you then you can just ask her. It wont be that hard. What happends, happens.

  4. Just text her and just tell her that you wanted to say hi and you hope she has a good weekend. Then see if she responds. If she does suggest going to see a movie or something like that some time soon.

  5. Whatever happened to face to face conversation?
    Try talking to her a little bit. Become friends with her and use the darn texting as part of that friendship, not your main means of communication.

  6. I’m going to have to disagree with the people saying texting is a terrible idea to first starting talking.I’m 21,and that’s how my boyfriend and I first started talking and how we figured out we liked each other.I texted him first,and he texted me back,and we just kept talking about nothing.If she texts you back and actually talks to you,not just in answering questions you ask her,I’d say she likes you.

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